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After graduating from Erasmus University in 2016 with a degree in International Bachelor Communication and Media, I had this very urgent desire to finally fullfill this dream of mine to become an actress and take a completely different career path. My dad always said “No risk, No glory”. Altough it took a while to convince him ;-)

I applied for the Frank Sanders Academy for Musical Theatre in Amsterdam and trained in singing, dancing, acting and the synergy of those three disciplines for four years. My first professional production was in the summer before my final year started. I joined the cast of "Paw Patrol Live!" and through this experience my love for children's theatre grew. Later that year I explored my Chinese roots in a dance production called “Dragon Child”. In my final year I had the honor to do my internship at Homemade Productions in the musical “Vietnam”.  I also had the chance to partake in my first two short film productions "The pendant" and "In Lockdown".

In 2020 I graduated (in the midst of the pandemic). During this time I was able to explore other paths and fields as well such as modeling, films and commercials. A whole new world opened up for me in which I felt at home immediately.  I am honored to have worked with amazing brands such as Starbucks, 7-UP, Kwantum, Adyen, ASML and MSI!

In October 2020 one of my biggest dreams came true; I made my big screen debut in the movie "De Club van Sinterklaas & het grote pietenfeest" as part of a new girlband called KADO.


We are wonderful creatures created to create. I’m always in for new ideas, meeting new people and collaborating. Feel free to message me

Age: 25 | Voice: Mezzo

 Height: 168cm | Size: 34/36 

Bust: 83cm | Waist: 62cm | Hips: 92cm  

Shoesize: 37.5

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